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Parenting Techniques

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Stop / Kauaka

Feeling uptight? Take a breath. Take ten! Kia marino. Calm yourself down.

Stop/kauaka is the first step for parents to take when a child is doing something which they don’t want the child to do. Control your desire to shout or say something nasty.

Listen / Whakarongo

Tune in. Think of them. Listening is the key to working out what is happening.

Ignore / E aro ke

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Are they safe? Not hurting anyone else? Let it go!

Go / Haere

Getting angry? Going to lose it? Haere! Walk away.

Distract / Kia whakaware

Don’t like what they’re doing? Distract them with another activity.

Praise / Whakamihia

Help them to be good. Smile. Praise- “pai, good, reka, choice, great, well done, tumeke, great!”

Explain / Kia Marama

Talking quietly really helps. Negotiate, Whiriwhiria. Help them weigh the consequences of their behaviour.

Enjoy / Kia ngahau

Make it fun. Use song, games and toys to teach your child.


Te papa, the process of learning for ririki and parents.

After reflecting quietly, all work out Te mutunga – resolutions, restitution.